Touch (2017-)

To embody musicality in the performative installation is the main idea of this project. Cymatics is not a new topic; however, it transforms the subtle sound quality into physical movements, to evoke another sensation. I  have been researching the interaction between sound and objects these years, to express music via installation. Besides, water has a special quality, also can change its patterns with sound movements.

Kaleidoscope (2013)

-Interactive sound installation

- Kaleidoscope, motor, magnifier, flashlight, microphones, speakers, computer

This is an installation about the experience of photography. By reversing the direction of light, one can focus the inner image of a Kaleidoscope onto a wall. By connecting the system to a motor, the audience can interact with the device or make it stop. This "stopping" action mimics the experience of pressing a shutter, and the installation is hence a "camera" in disguise


Des Script (2014)

During the process of composition, I used to make blueprints of the design of structures, pitches, articulation, and register prior to making an actual composition. The blueprints also include texts and images of the sections’ emotion evolvements. There are also considerable amounts of text accompanying the manuscripts. However, the final editions of the scores are usually typed digitally before handed out to the musicians. The musicians then perform the music for the audiences. For the audiences in the concerts, they experienced the rendition of the works in a limited amount of time. I exhibit the manuscripts, and rises the possibility of showing the audiences the entire processes in a completely different space.

There are music manuscripts with sound Interactive devices, plans and photos. Visitor can listen to the finished music corresponding to the manuscripts in which you are interested on the wall by touching the button on the Ipad.

Media: Ink on archival paper, computer, Ipad, Speakers, Magnets

Software: Max/Msp

Place: Cité internationale des Arts, Atelier 5621, June 17,18 2014

Echo I- Sand (2015)

I have seen a lot of visual works that are made by purely digital form, such as videos and installations. However, there are maybe some interesting aspects about using actual objects when we are doing sound and visual performance. Therefore, it's exciting to create a real time interactive installation which focus on the physical actual objects on the stage. I try making series installations to bridge the power of actual objects with music. The final goal is to combine the variable musicality and these installation.

The whole project basically work with the vibration of speakers, but I apply this into different setting. Regarding the combination of music and visual effects, I make this idea into three installations.

The installation aim at the materials movement by triggering with sound on a speaker, it shows the interaction between sound and actual objects. The appearance of the installation is a closed wooden box, there are one transducer, one metal plate with objects on it and a webcam with a magnifier in front of its lens inside this box. The reaction and vibration of the objects on the plate is projected on the screen through the webcam. This installation focus on picking up the different reactions of dynamics and timbre.

Media: transducer, wooden box, metal plate, styrofoam


Echo II- Light

The second installation is related to the reflection of light. There is water-proof speaker which is attached under a plastic mirror, and a strong profile light project on this installation, then the reflection is on the white screen. All the effects come out from the speaker will affect the reflection.

Media: one speaker, plastic mirror, wood, profile light