《Dew》(2019) for Dizi solo and live electronics

《Subtlety》(2017) for solo prepared zheng

Kodama (2016 ) for shakuhachi solo and live electronics

Ceasing time (2016 ) for cello solo and live electronics

The continuity of time: the existence of music every moment ceases and is every moment renewed.

Piano Etude (2015- )

._. (2015) for harpsichord and live electronics

Nix (2014) piano solo

How I touch the key, how it responses.

Submerged in Silence (2013) for piano and electronics and image

If we never heard noise, we would not know what silence is;

If we never seen chaos, we would not understand what tidy means.

對錯。On/Off。                。Inside/Outside。內外
動靜。Motion/Stillness。   。Rapid/Innert。快慢
強弱。Violent/Gentle。      。Thick/Thin。厚薄
遠近。Distant/Imminent。  。Sparse/Dense。疏密
虛實。Empty/Solid。         。Shine/Rain。晴雨
呼吸。inhale/exhale。        。High/Low。高低